Associate, Corporate Ratings

The Location: London

The Team:
The team assigns corporate credit ratings to companies in the Consumer Products and Healthcare sectors. Analysts are located in London, Paris, Madrid and Milan, with the rated issuers spread widely across EMEA. The team rates about 160 corporate issuers, with about 15-20 new issuers receiving a rating in each year of the past two. Leveraged finance accounts for about 80% of new rating activity at present.

The Impact:
An individual in this role will be personally in charge of a portfolio of up to 16 rated names, including meaningful participation in new rating assignments. As primary analyst on issuer ratings, the analyst in this role will be covering all aspects of rating analysis and day-to-day client communication. Leveraged finance focus will be essential, including analysis of leveraged capital structures and documentation.

What’s in it for you:
An Associate in the S&P Global Corporate Rating business is a client-facing analytical role, bearing full responsibility for the rating analysis and its communication. An Associate combines continuous surveillance of a portfolio of rated credits with assigning new ratings as required. Working environment puts emphasis on teamwork and analytical collaboration, as well as detailed documentation of all aspects of analysis and publication of ratings. Strong communication skills are essential for internal discussions of ratings, as well as external publishing and presentations.

The role is based on taking responsibility over a full portfolio of corporate ratings, and is an essential step towards developing broader industry coverage. Consequently, a strongly-motivated applicant should have a well-developed interest in analyzing and commenting on industry trends and dynamics. Responsibilities include:

  • Interacting independently with Finance and Treasury teams of client companies,
  • Conducting a detailed analysis of the companies’ ability to service debt, as well as writing market publications and answering related queries from market participants.

What We’re Looking For: Applicants must have a strong academic foundation and work experience in the following:

(1) Accounting

(2) Debt instruments and documentation

(3) Building financial forecasting models.

Applicants should also have an ability to analyze and explain how a corporate enterprise works, in terms of ownership structures, business models, as well as opportunities and risks that might impact a company’s cash flows.

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No longer accepting applications.